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What does "The idea for the language was inspired by such languages as English, German and Dutch" mean? Polish in the EU universe ìs supposed to be Slavic and not Germanic, right? Elemtilas

It probably means that those other languages are all conlangs in that other AU, which inspired the creation of Polish there (By the way, should we do double asterisks when talking about that alt universe? :) ) -- Doobieous
I see. But why is the conlang Polish inspired by real IB languages like German and English rather than real IB languages like Russian? It ìs Slavic, right?
*Here* always refers to the primary world. *There* always refers to any Elsewhere. Extra asterixes might serve as emphasis, but the original use of the asterisk itself only served to emphasise the difference between the primary world and any secondary world.
So, I guess two asterixes would be Quite Emphatic Indeed, while three would practically be tantamount to spitting all over your interlocutor! :) Elemtilas

You ask me if I mind this? No, certainly not! :) Although occasionally similar ideas have passed the scene, I haven't seen it in this form yet. I like it! But like Dan (?), I can't see the connection with Dutch, German and English. If you are looking for a parallel with Italian, Romanian and Rhaetoromance (languages which I use most for reconstructing a Vulgar Latin word when I need one), you'll indeed have to look for Slavic and not for Germanic languages. I think Czech, Sorbian and Kashubian (the only three West Slavic languages surviving in IB) would work best! --IJzeren Jan 06:10, 1 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Twas me that asked about English, Dutch and German. Anyway, I'm glad you like the proposed conlang Polish! And thanks for the list of IB's West Slavic languages -- I couldn't think of them! Elemtilas
Indeed, there's some nice touch of whimsy in that list (especially if you consider that Czech has hardly any more speakers than the other two). If Thorsten won't mind, I'll modify the article accordingly. --IJzeren Jan 11:37, 1 Aug 2005 (PDT)