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Name in English: Barry Garcia
Name in Montreiano: Ruvio Garçía
"L'Ôrror de Viya!"
 Date: 1979
 Place: Montrei
Place of residence: Çuá de Montrei, distrito Las Dunas
Profession: Office Slave
Natural languages: English, Spanish
Constructed languages: Montreiano
Interests: Music, constructed languages, neographies, gardening, alcohol, clubs, bars, travelling, the beach
IB Related Info: No. 15 on The List

Your Place in The World

Member No. 15, joined in March of 2001. Been around for a while. Montreiano originally started off as a thought game, but was sucessfully added to the IB corpus and became a welcome member of IB.

Current Playlist

  • Beth Gibbons: Sand River, Drake, Resolve, Mysteries
  • Portishead: All Mine, Glory Box, Over, Strangers, It could be sweet
  • Queens of the Stone Age: In My Head, You Can't Quit Me Baby, Little Sister, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, Burn The Witch, Tangled up In Plaid
  • Eagles of Death Metal: I Only Want You
  • Desert Sessions (Josh Homme): Like a Drug
  • Telepopmusik: Breathe
  • Do as Infinity: Shinjitsu no Uta
  • Namie Amuro: Come
  • Paul Weller feat. Portishead: Wildwood