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Pedro, make sure that you align this with existing QSS fact for Algeria and other places. BoArthur 09:11, 24 May 2006 (PDT)

In what this article might not fit with Algeria? I read both and I couldn't find any "conflict" between Qassim and Algeria articles. User:Pedromoderno 24 May 2006

The one conflict that I can see (possible) is his support of the dissidents in Algeria. Granted, I only glanced over the article. BoArthur

You are right! Looking more carefully the Algeria article I found the war *there* since 1954 was a bit different. Although there was an independentist Al-Jazaryan movement (FLN) it seems the other movement (MNA) were closer to an autonomist system than to total independence. This gave MNA support from french parliament. As it was a guerrilla war guess it lasted many years (which happens often in this kind of war) so it could last from 1954 to after A.K. Qassim reached the power in 1958. As FLN wanted independence I think this should be the obvious faction to be supported by outside arab nationalists. And so I will change my article to this. User:Pedromoderno 24 May 2006