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Born in Newark, Kent, June Hall is the elder of the twins, someting she never lets her brother forget. After their mother died nine years previously (caught in the crossfire of a gangland riot), their father, Nathaniel, has tried to raise the twins as best he could.

At age 14, she and her brother were affected by an event known only as the Alteration, when a mysterious cloud of gas altered the people in the vicinity of the explosion that caused it.

Both Richard and June were rushed to hospital along with the other victims. Only after awakening did they realise something was diferent about them.


Surge has the ability to shoot energy-beams out of her hands, levitate and generate light from eyes. She can aslo use her powers as a form of communication, mainly with Storm.

When fighting the kawar, Overload, Surge managed to combine her powers with Storm's, and finaly defeated it.

Supporting Characters

She is supported by her somewhat rebelious brother, Richard (Storm), and later by Pedr Brecryg ffeil Garth (Brainbox), who developed most of the technology Storm and Surge use, and Anna Harrison (Blitz), a classmate. Both the later developed their powers sometime after the Alteration occured (speculated to be a delayed reaction).

She is also, occasionaly supported by part-time mentor, Jason Darlan (Thunderman), although Surge doesn't know Thunderman's true identity.


Storm and Surge's primary enemies are several of their fellow alterhumans, primarily the aerokinetic Typhoon, the sentient kawar Overload, and the Alterforms, a gang of alterhuman teenagers. Occasionally, some of the villains from the other Fantastic Creations' comics make guest appearances.

League of Righteousness

Surge joined the League of Righteousness, along with her brother, as junior members, sometime after the League's formation.


Surge was one of the founding members of the League of Righteousness's Junior Squad, usually known as Teen-Righteous.