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Founded in 1980 as an alternative to the World Games, the Small States Games encompasses many of the smaller states of Europe, and is meant to have a more laid back atmosphere than the World Games.

Current Participants are:

Skuodia joined the SSGs in the 1990s, after the fall of the SNOR. Thuringia and Hesse left the games after one year, reasons never stated.

The SSG is a week-long event every two years (as compared to the three years for the World Games), and must be hosted in a participant state. The only state, as of yet, not to hold one is Grand Fenwick. Grand Fenwick officials have stated that the country will be ready for the games in 2010. The itinerary will be swimming, 100-meter dash, fencing, archery, skeet shooting, tug-of-war, cricket, football and barrel tossing (picking up a wine cask and tossing it as far as one can)

The sports vary every Game, but the most common ones are archery, distance jumps, distance throws, racing, football, swimming, fencing and tug of war. The only event officially banned is wrestling since 1992 after the athlete from Saugeais had to be hospitalized for a month due to injuries from the Xliponian athlete, who issued an apology the next day.

New Additions to the SSGE

Following the general success of the SSGE held in 2008, the Small States Games of Europe Commission (a council with the heads of state of all participating members) have agreed to expand membership to five more states: Patrimony of St. Peter, San Marino, Lippe, Saarland and Iceland. The states have agreed to field only five athletes in the upcoming games in Grand Fenwick, after which they will be given seats on the SSGE Council and allowed to field the maximum number of athletes per event as the other members. The number per event was last voted on in 2002, and is set at ten per event.

It is also being speculated that, with the edition of the new states, more sports will be added to the roster. Grand Duke Tully I, current head of the SSGE council has stated that if such an increase will occur, it will be following the Grand Fenwick Games.