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Simion (born 1910, died 1987) was Prince Mihail's younger son. An albino, he was not seriously considered as a potential to the throne until after the SNOR takeover. He was the Pretender to Oltenia's throne, living in Xliponia until his death. He became an Eastern Orthodox priest and died childless and unwed (although the Orthodox Church does not forbid its clergy to wed). A play by Ion Nastase about him has been popular in Romania since its first production in 1989 (in the play he is haunted by the unavenged ghost of his uncle, Prince Radu).

All his life, Simion tried to remain out of the spotlight. He preferred to be a simple priest, although with a hobby of bee-keeping. Some truly strange rumors floated about him in life, not least that he had been somehow bleached white by Russian agents or that he was the victim of a sexually transmitted disease in the womb.

Preceded by:
Old oltena.jpg
Prince of Oltenia
Succeeded by:
Prince Igor Nicolescu