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Prince Radu of Oltenia

Radu Vlas-Florea (born 1870, died 1941) was Prince Mihail's brother, reigned from 1925 until 1939. Until that time, he was an army officer as was his son. Radu's death date is conjecture, since he was taken prisoner by the White Army and is believed to have died in captivity from old age. Records from the current Russian government would seem to indicate as much, although in popular imagination Prince Radu is often viewed as having died of a broken heart. His only son, Vlad, died in the fighting before his father.

A half dozen photographs purported to be of Prince Radu under house arrest by the SNOR regime have become generally accepted by everyone but serious historians. They would indicate (if accurate) that Radu gained considerable weight during captivity.

Preceded by:
Old oltena.jpg
Prince of Oltenia
Succeeded by:

Viktor Ionescu
Lord Protector