Saint-Louis Foire Agricole

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The Saint-Louis Foire Agricole (Saint-Louis Agricultural Festival) is the premier farmer's market in Louisianne taking place for the month of Fructidor (the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September, more or less).


Business interests in Saint-Louis and in the prefecture lead business and transit leaders to broker with the Prefecture of Saint-Louis in an CXXXI (1923) to create the Foire Agricole, providing place in the downtown area for the event. Because of its proximity to the train station, the Foire Agricole allowed buyers from the NAL-SLC to come to Louisianne and purchase the wines, cheeses, and other produce at a lower price, giving Louisiannan farmers access to broader markets.

It was initially planned as a one-off event, but due to the response, vendors implored to have the festival continued yearly. This response was honored. In an CLXXX (1972) the Foire was extended, and although not officially a part of the event, the Saint-Louis Marché des Fermiers began in May and continued until the snow in October. By an CXCIII (1985) the Festival was open year round as the Saint-Louis Farmer's Market, but export tariffs were only lessened during the month of Fructidor.

Products Offered

While the Foire began as an event to showcase the agricultural bounty of Louisianne, featuring the cheeses and sausages of Louisianna and the various alcoholic beverages, the Foire has been expanded minimally to allow francophone made cheese from Les Plaines and Ouisconsin to be showcased as well. This has done much to restore feelings of amity between Louisianna and the francophone communities of the NAL-SLC

The Montignac Producer's Association of Louisianne have become staunch supporters of the Foire, as this is the only time and place where they sell Montignac.


Paris-sur-Mizouri and Lyons-sur-Mizouri have each begun their own festivals just before and just after the Saint-Louis Festival, however they have not received the tariff reduction that the Saint-Louis Festival did. This is being pursued on a prefectoral level. It is doubtful that it will pass, however, to restrict the loss of cross-border income, minimal though it is.