Rudolf IV

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Rudolf IV.

Rudolf von und zu Habsburg, boh. Rútolf IV., *1649 – †1670

He became Margrave of Moravia in 1666 and king in 1669. When Venedian noble Michał Czyraz was elected as a new king of Kingdom of Both Nations in 1669, the Hungarian estates refused to recognise him as a new king of Hungary and the Estates voted for Rudolf IV. Since 1586, the kings of RTC were also kings of Hungary. Simultaneously, Ottomans launched an attack against Hungary, pressuming it would be weakened by internal political fights. Rudolph led the campaign againt Turks and die from an accident late in 1670. According to some contemporary sources, the accident was plotted by his brother and successor, Albrecht.

Preceded by:
king Rudolf III.
Bohemia flag.gif
Bohemian king
Succeeded by:
king Albrecht II.