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Rudolf III.

Rudolf von und zu Habsburg, boh. Rútolf III., *1629 – †1669

He was the youngest child, having four older sisters, he was handicapped - gravel blind. He was also frequently ill and of weak physical constitution. On the other side, he was literate and strong-willed. He, as Margrave of Moravia, fought with High Estates, which did not want him to succeed his father because of his handicaps. But he prooved himself a good administrator, and after entering throne he suppressed High Estates, but left rights of other Estates untouched, save the right to essemble. In 1646, the 17-year-old king started his career dissolving Estate Assembly, introducing Royal Court administration, preparing way for his successors to rule the kingdom with force. Later, he re-newed the right to essemble for Estates, creating the Estate Council, but only as a complement to Royal Court. He successfully diplomatically defended status of the Kingdom. He died in 1669. He left two sons, Rudolf and Albrecht.

Preceded by:
king Maxmillian II.
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Bohemian king
Succeeded by:
king Rudolf IV.