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The Reondradun Society is the largest organization for the advancement of Humanist ideals in Europe and North America. Founded in 1961 by several Humanist groups in Jervaine, it has since spread to encompass numerous more European and American Humanist organizations and congregations, and has, since the late 1980's, encompassed numerous Deistic groups, particularly in the NAL-SLC.

The organization is loosely organized, each group or congregation within the society acting largely autonomously. The primary requirements for joining is that the congregations act "in an orderly and democratic fashion, working to help those around themselves and to have readily available information on numerous religious, political and social viewpoints." This has allowed the Reondradun Society to grow significantly in the past two decades, and many congregations within the Reondradun society consider themselves "open-door friendly" to many minorities, including homosexuals, minority religious groups, and minority racial groups.

The largest pan-Society effort was assisting in reconstructing numerous towns and getting food, clothing and shelter to the needy following the Florida-Caribbean War. It is estimated that, as a whole, nearly 15,000 Society members donated their time and energy to personally go to the devastated areas to assist, whilst the rest donated an estimated 30 million pounds to various charities and groups working towards the relief effort.


Many have criticized the Society for not espousing a firm and/or specific faith creed, while others have accused it of being an organization bent on destroying the "more pure faiths," usually said in more fringe religious circulars. There have been several attempts, the vast majority at local (townships and such) level, to ban the Society. Most criticism is now old and dated though, and the Society has been mentioned several times for giving substantial sums to charities, or donating time and manpower for disaster relief.