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ריאו סיקו אי פאקואה שיפי \ רספ"ש


(Riyo Seko & Pakua Šipi / Dry River Twin Cities)

Las Sivdates Gemelas de Riyo Seko i Pakua Šipi (the Twin Cities of Riyo Seko and Pakua Šipi) together form the largest metropolitan area on the mainland portion of the North American League province of Mueva Sefarad. Known by the acronym RSPŠ — or Raspaš — the two cities, both of whose names mean "Dry River", are located on either side of the Dry River itself, and serve as the main port of the southern coast. The river isn't actually dry; before the rivermouth was dredged to improve its usefulness as a port, the river was just extremely shallow. Riyo Seko was settled first, by Iberians from Mueva Sefarad's island region, and Pakua Šipi developed later, as sedentarizing cultural influences affected the native Innu people. The Trans-Continental Highway passes through the twin cities.

While they are each independent cities, Riyo Seko and Pakua Šipi cooperate on a number of municipal and regional projects, including parks, recreational areas, tourism, higher education, and sports teams. When it comes to sports, the pride of Raspaš is the cities' hibercrosse team, los Korinyeves (RSPŠ Snowshoe Hares).

here — St Augustin and Pakua Shipi, Québec, Canada