Paul II of Greece

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Paul II
Original Name: Paul Theodopolous
King of the Hellenes: 8th
Theodopolous Dynasty: 1st
Date of birth: April 18, 1956
Place of birth:
Date of death: June 26, 2008
Relgious Affiliation: Greek Orthodox
Family Arms:
Theodopolous arms.jpg
Personal Arms:
Paul ii arms.jpg

King Paul II of Greece came to power in a coup d'état on July 9, 2000, in which he overthrew his predecessor, Constantine XIII, a puppet of the ruling junta (and third cousin/brother-in-law of Arch-Queen Margrethe II of the Scandinavian Realm), promising vast reforms. He has delivered on some of his promises, making the government more democratic and encouraging the development of a multi-party system. In 2002, he proclaimed himself king, and introduced a new Constitution, increasing individual freedoms, including Freedom of Religion (although Greek Orthodoxy retains state support). In 2003, he formally apologized to Cyprus and re-established normal relations with them, along with Turkey and the Commonwealth.

Despite these promising starts, there were signs of a resumption of Greek expansionism under his regime, including references to "our lost brethren", and school maps showing territories such as Cyprus, Cyrenaica (in Libya) and the western coast of Turkey as "Greek Cultural Areas" or even Occupied Territory". There have even been veiled comments against long-neutral Xliponia. It was rumored that King Paul intended to restore the Imperial title, declaring Greece to be the rebirth of the (Eastern) Roman Empire. Beginning in late 2003, King Paul also began rolling back some of the democratic reforms. Or, more accurately, the government of which he was theoretically the leader had begun doing so. In fact many "worrying signs" to foreigners were in response to a new sense of national destiny amongst many in Greece, showing particularly in the rise of the Imperialist Party.

He has also re-established the Greek currency, pegging the new Mina to the European Federation pounds.

Unfortune Timing

On June 26th, 2008, Paul II lost his battle against Pancreatic cancer. This sparked a constitutional crisis, not least because the government had kept his ill health a secret until the last moment.

Preceded by:
Constantine XIII
Greek flag.gif
King of the Hellenes
Alexandra, Duchess of Sparta