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Patilžė is a city of 47,000 inhabittants in Samogitia province of Lithuania. It is the capital of the Panemunė region of that province.


Patilžė is at the other side of Nemunas river from Tilsit (known in Lithuanian as Tilžė; Patilžė generally means "near Tilžė") and is connected to Tilsit by bridge. The territory in which Patilžė is built was added to Lithuania in 1815, after the Congress of Vienna. This was the actual start of the developing of Patilžė, as the border town at this place, just at the other side of river from a relatively large city of Tilsit, was a convinient idea, and people from other places, at first merchants and such, relocated to this place. Most of inhabittants were Lithuanians and Samogitians, and many had moved from other places, thus the town was predominantly pagan rather than Lutheran as are most other towns in the area. Patilžė lost its importance as a border town after the Second Great War when Tilsit and whole Prusi was added to Veneda, and both Veneda and Lithuania became part of the Republic of the Two Crowns. Then the populations of Tilsit and Patilžė intermixed as the lack of customs allowed people to live in one town and work in another. Patilžė generally became a worse neighborhood of the Tilsit aglomeration.

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