Omnium Oil and Gas

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Omnium Oil and Gas is a corporation in the NAL founded by Johann and Wilhelm Rokkenfelder, the children of German immigrants, after their efforts to monopolize oil refineries bore fruit and they developed a relationship with the tribes of Aquanishuonigy. Easily one of the largest, wealthiest corporations in the world, it passed out of control of the Rokkenfelder family during the 1950s. The company, originally named Premium Oil, was focused upon oil production, transportation, refining, and marketing. As such, it had major interests in Tejas as well as Louisianne. With the advent of air ships, it expanded into the exploitation of helium as well as natural gas.

Actually, Premium Oil itself was broken up by court order in 1923, with Omnium Oil and Gas simply proving one of its most successful (and controversial) "daughter" companies. The controversy involved: