Old Blue Sheet

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The "Old Blue Sheet" is the name given to the flag of the NAL-SLC. In design, it is a representation of the constellation of the Plough (Ursa Major). The Plough was first devised by B. Rosen as the banner for the nascent NAL. It has undergone some modifications over the decades, mostly in an effort to more naturally represent the constellation, and there have been several motions introduced to replace this original banner with more inclusive designs, some incorporating elements of the three FK flags, others incorporating patterns of brilliant bars and crosses. The most promising contender, narrowly defeated in favour of permanently keeping the Plough motif, was the Ring of Stars design.

The Ring of Stars was intended to call to mind the Nova Constellatio, as the Founders were fond of calling the new collection of North American Provinces in the early years. It was designed so that stars could be added or removed as the membership in the League grew or diminished. Though the issue was hotly debated, historical considerations prevented its adoption. Indeed, it has been the original not-so-astronomically-correct version of the Plough that has won out over all contenders.