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edit World Battlegame Monitor, 1st part of November, 2006 - "Great American battles" (the first article in the magazine)

The start of this November saw the start and the end of the first round of the most important battlegame event in North America (save for cycles when the World Championship is held on the continent).
Those 11 days saw both joy and tears and this issue of WBM will be devoted to this. There is an article for each of the teams and interviews with their coaches or key players.
While NAL, led by Benjamin Buttler, confirmed its power by taking +5 points, New Francy's coach already applied for resignation after his team finished with the lowest possible score of -6. New Francy is not one of the battlegame powerhouses but however people at Quebec probably expected a better performance (no one probably would have expected a crushing 0:11 defeat to NAL). The team which performance made most of its fans worry is probably Louisianne. After loosing to NAL and barely able to secure a decisive victory against New Francy, until the very last round of match against Tejas Lousiannais were not sure werether their team would qualify to the playoffs and to the World Championships. Should the Tejan team won that round, they would have won the game and would have surpassed Louisianne. Tejas, on the other hand, certainly showed its ability to fight.
In the group IJ the situation was much more intense. Mejico was not surprising but stable and even after the draw with Saint-Domingo it managed to take the first place in the group. Saint-Domingo's hopes were quickly shattered after their first battle - first a landslide defeat to Central American Community and then a decissive loss to Alta California sealed the teams predicted fate as the worst performed team in the group. Riots took place in Hispaniola after their final game. Alta California managed to enter the playoffs instead of the Central American Community which perhaps was predicted, but many fans in Central America believed that their team could enter World Championships.
The results of all games played so far (excluding first quarterfinals that were played after this magazine was prepared for press) and the final standings in groups:
The shade diagram of group I final standings
The shade diagram of group IJ final standings
Group I
Group IJ
The playoffs:
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