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edit NAL Today, 2006 11 03

The 11th North American Battlegame Championship is about to start today in Chicago, NAL. Throughout this week high numbers of fans have been flocking to Chicago by air, roads and rail from all over American continent to see this event, which will last for more than two weeks.
The first match that will hit the ground of the Cherokee Battlegame Stadium will be what will be a continuation of the final match of the North American chanpionship five years ago - NAL versus Louisianne. Lousiannians trumphed in the previous championship, but now the NAL team, led by Benjamin Buttler, who was titled "The best Battlegame player of the year" for two years in a row, will surely attempt to regain the lost honour.
While NAL and Louisianne will most likely be the main competitors for the title, other teams has what to fight for as well - the four best teams will win the right to take part in the 11th World Battlegame Championship in 2008.
"We came here to fight, not to surrender" - these words of Jose Ignacio Bel Arte, the coach of Central American Community team, probably describe well enough what the players, coaches and fans of all the eight participating teams feel now. "It is great just to be here, to feel this Battlegame atmosphere here in Chicago" - claimed one interviewed fan from Paįlankys, Tejas - "And I know that most people does not believe in us and they say that the Tejan team will be able to do nothing to secure one of the first two places in this very strong group so that we could advance to the playoffs and the world championship. But I say let's wait and watch, I believe our guys are able to beat NAL or Louisianne if the God will help us and of course New Francy and that might be enough".
One match a day will be played in the campionship, according to this schedule:
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