Nemuro Province

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Capital Nemuro Town (根室町)
Establishment Meidji 30 (1897)

Nemuro is a province of Ezo, formed in 1897 as a branch of the Hoccaidò Agency (an Imperial agency promoting colonization of Hoccaidò, as Ezo Island was known at the time). In 1903, the Xana branch was merged with Nemuro. It became a province shortly after the establishment of the breakaway Republic of Ezo. The capital is the town of Nemuro in Nemuro district.

In Ainu, its name is Ni Mu Oro.

The province extends beyond the island of Ezo. It contains no cities, and eight districts.

  • Districts (mainland)
    • Menaxi
      • Rausu Town?
    • Nemuro
      • Habomai Village
      • Nemuro Town
      • Wada Village
    • Noçuque
      • Beçucai Village?
    • Xibeçu
      • Nacaxibeçu Town
      • Xibeçu Town
  • Districts (Txixima Islands)
    • Cunaxili
      • Tomali Village
      • Ruyobeçu Village
    • Etorofu
      • Rubeçu Village
      • Xana Village
      • Xibetoro Village
    • Xicotan
      • Xicotan Village
    • Txixima
      • Mixima
      • Tocotan
      • Xinxiro

The districts of Cunaxili and Etorofu both cover one island each, their namesakes. The district of Xicotan covers the island of Xicotan as well as the Habomai rocks. The district of Txixima covers all the islands north of Etorofu.

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