Nagids of Mueva Sefarad

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נגידים אי נגידות די מואיבֿה ספרד

Leaders of Mueva Sefarad hold the title Nagid (male) or Nagida (female). This title was originally held by the leaders of a number of medieval Jewish communities, and was adopted by the Muevasefaradíes as the title of their chief executive in the early years of independent Mueva Sefarad. After Mueva Sefarad joined the North American League, the holder of the title nagid became equivalent to the governors of other provinces.

Independent Period

c. 1492: Don Isaac Abravanel


c. 1550: Donya Grasya Nasi


c. 1825: Don Nonosabasut deel Lago


Provincial Period

c. 1950: Don Mohamet Averoes


c. 1980: Don Vidal Sason


c. 2005: Donya Ayša Toledano