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Mongo-Kongo Manikongate

Mongo-Kongo Manikongate
Mongo-Kongo Manikongate
Conventional short name:
Local: Mongo-Kongo
English: Mongo-Kongo
National motto: ?!
 Official: French
 Others: Kongo
 Capital: ?
 Other: ?
?: ?
?: ?
Area: ?
Population: ? ?
Independence: from France
 Declared: ?
 Recognized: ?
Currency: ?
Organizations: League of Nations
State flag

Territory was formerly part of the French colony of Ubangi-Chari, part of French Central Africa. It became independent around 1964 following the dissolution of the Republic of Ubangi-Chari in the civil war that started that year.

The head of the state is called Manikongo.

Start at Ouesso (Rep Congo), south along Sangha river to Lake Tumba, east to Boende (DR Congo), northeast to Lisala, north to Gbadolite, west to Zongo (just east of Bangui, CAR), south along Ubangi river to Impfondo, and west to Ouesso.