Monarchs of Elba

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List of Monarchs of Elba since 1098:

House of Appiani

Obeardu I (1098 - 1121) recognised Lord of Piombino by the Byzantine Emperor. Married (1) Irênni Panizella and (2) Onorata of Tuscia.

Ermignannu I (1121 - 1150) son of Obeardu and Irênni, Lord of Populonia. Married Ispabuonda Corzi.

Attilhiu I (1150 - 1155) son of Ermignannu. Killed in battle against Saracens.

Ispabuondu I (1155 - 1187) second son of Ermignannu. Was a Benedictine monk. Married Beatrice of Provence.

Ispabuondu II (1187 - 1190) son of Ispabuondu I. Began construction of Piombino Cathedral.

Ermignannu II (1190 - 1216) son of Ispabuondu II. Lord of Piombino, Populonia and Vignale. Attempts conquest of Elba but fails. Marries Cristiana of Norway

Clodoaldu (1216 - 1222) the "Cruel" son of Ermignannu II. Married St. Costanza of Ceva.

Alessandru I (1222 - 1254) the "Conqueror" son of Ermignannu II. Conquered Elba. Lord of Elba. Married Clementinna Balhionni.

Alessandru II (1254 - 1271) son of Alessandru I. Married Anna of Luxembourg.

Alessandru III (1271 - 1306) son of Alessandro II. Allies with Anjouvins against Pope. Conquers Grosseto and Vetulonia. Married Claudia of Anjou.

Clauziu I (1306 - 1329) son of Alessandru III. Married Ponziana of Pomarance annexing its County. Count of Pomarance.

Alessandru IV (1329 - 1337) the "Weak" son of Clauziu I. Married Silvanna Milhioratti. Dominated by wife.

Attilhiu II (1337 - 1341) second son of Clauziu I, unmarried.

Carlu I (1341- 1343) fourth son of Clauziu I. Married Genoveffa of Cagnes.

Clauziu II (1343 - 1409) son of Carlu I. Under regency of mother until 1355. Count of Elba. Married (1) Maria of Kemr and (2) Ludovicca Visconti.

Alessandru V (1409 - 1416) son of Clauziu II and Maria. Lost Pomarance to Medici family. Married Maria of Navarre.

Clauziu III (1416 - 1453) grandson of Alessandru V. Lost Grosseto to local warlord. Married Giovanna De Medicis.

Carlu II (1453 - 1478) son of Clauziu II. Married his cousin Ermigna Appianni.

Ermignannu III (1478 - 1515) son of Carlu II. Prince of Elba. Married Orsola of Hapsburg.

Giovanni I (1515 - 1541) son of Ermignannu III. General of Imperial Armies (1533 - 1537). Prince of Elba and Piombino. Married Fabiana De Cesaris.

Giovanni II (1541 - 1603) son of Giovanni I. Loses Vetulonia to Ercole Balhionni in a card game. Married to Maria of Poland.

Fabiannu I (1603 - 1612) son of Giovanni II. Married Agnese of Tenda.

Alessandru VI (1622 - 1645) son of Fabiannu I. Founds University of Piombino. Married Violante of Aragon.

Piëtru I (1645 - 1649) son of Alessandru VI. Stabbed by lover. Married Giovanna of Modena.

Regency of Giovanna d'Iësti (1649 - 1665) killed by crowd.

Alessandru VII (1649 - 1654) son of Piëtru I. Minor.

Clauziu IV (1654 - 1656) son of Piëtru I. Minor.

Carlu III (1656 - 1659) son of Piëtru I. Minor.

Gastuonni I (1659 - 1660) son of Piëtru I. Minor.

Attilhiu III (1660 - 1665) son of Piëtru I. Married Vittoria Colonna. Murdered, presumably by his mother.

Maria I (1665) daughter of Attilhiu III. Died three months old and three weeks from ascending the throne. Regent was seen as responsible and lynched.

Giovanni III (1665 - 1672) grandson of Fabiannu I. Precedent set for Council to elect monarch. Married Diana Bonfilii.

Fabiannu II (1672 - 1699) son of Giovanni III. Notable homosexual, composed several operas.

Attilhiu IV (1699 - 1707) the "pious" son of Giovanni III. Was a priest.

Clementi I (1707 - 1711) son of Giovanni III. Married Giovanna of Savoy-Nemours.

Giovanni IV (1711 - 1745) son of Clementi I. Married Amelia of Saxe-Meiningen.

Alessandru VIII (1745 - 1793) son of Giovanni IV. Married (1) Maria Barbara of Austria-Dalmatia and (2) Maria Paola of Portugal.

Clementi II (1793 - 1801) son of Alessandru VIII and Maria Barbara. Was much influenced by the Enlightenment.

Carlu IV (1801 - 1806) son of Alessandru VIII and Maria Barbara. Killed in battle for Napoleon with son.

Clementi III (1806) Killed in battle 2 hours after his father.

Carolina daughter of Carlu IV married Gian Gastone Ludovisi-Boncompagni a Napoleonic General and was given in 1816 the Principality of Piombino.

Giovanni IV (1806 - 1843) son of Alessandru VIII and Maria Paola. Ruled Elba separately. Married Gerarda Scottu.

Gerardu I (1843 - 1866) the "Deaf" son of Giovanni IV. Married Francesca of Ceva.

Alessandru IX (1866 - 1871) son of Gerardu I. Married Smeralda of Brasil.

Clauziu V (1871 - 1895) son of Alessandru IX. Prince of Elba. Married Massimiliana of Mecklenburg.

Clementi IV (1895 - 1931) son of Clauziu V. Married Isabella of Castile. Deposed for being against the Italian Union. Died in 1936 in Cuba.

Alessandro X (1938 - 1951) son of Clementi IV. Married Federica of Carpi. He died together with his wife, three children, his sister and her family in a storm during a regatta.

Vittoriu I (1951) son of Alessandru IX. Unmarried. Abdicated the throne.

House of Mussolini

Benittu I (1951 - 1982) Elected Prince by Council. Former Duke of Milan (1931 - 1939), Minister of Defense (1940 - 1949). Married (1) Rachele and (2) Letizia Fioravante.

Vittoriu II (1982 - 1998) son of Benittu I. Married (1) Gabriella Thorpe, (2) Valentina Coronaro, (3) Filippa MacNabb and (4) Irene Szold.

Ghiddu I (1998 - ) son of Vittoriu II and Valentina. Married Marina of Tuscany in 1958 and has 4 children: Giolanda (b. 1959), Serenna (b. 1963), Crown Prince Giulhiu Cesarri (b. 1966) and Ercuolhi (b. 1971). The Crown Prince married in 1996 Anastasia of Crimea and has two sons (Benittu and Carlu).