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Katrína foncu Hapšpurk, germ. Katherine von und zu Habsburg, *1970 -

Actual Bohemian queen since 1991. During her reign in 2004, Bohemian government decided to join European Federation. Bohemia should introduce European currency in short time; the koldän will be abandoned and new system will be introduced: 1 króna (K) = 20 krojcärni (k) = 240 helärni. The European Federation should be challange for the Bohemian economy, which is quite strong, but still protectionistically hidden behind walls of duty tariffs and other prescriptions of our Finances Ministry; competition should bring a fresh wind in the Bohemian valley.

In 2004 also, Ta Socijálpartaj (The Social Party), Ti Frojsinike (The Liberals), Ta Pýrkärpartaj (The Civic Party) and Partít Nacunale Moravlje (The Moravian National Party) came out with proposal to divide Pémän (Bohemia) into two administrative parts - Prákärlont (Prague-land) and Pémän (Bohemian), and to divide Mérän (Moravia) into two parts - Feštmérän (West Moravia) and Oštmérän (East Moravia), where mostly the Moravians are living. The presenters do speak about effective administration, more justice distribution of taxes and of course they play the nationalistic string. In parliamentary lobbies could be heard, that local representatives of Partít Kúsztjetycuni Moravlje / Ta Mériše Färfasunkspartaj (The Moravian Constitutional Party) and Ta Pémiše Färfasunkspartaj (The Bohemian Constitutional Party), who are not yet in any legislative or executive institution are expecting to get to the gravy train. So, some support is expected from our Constitutional Party, namely from those industrious Moravian and Bohemian politicians, who think that power is never enough.

Preceded by:
queen Kristína
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Bohemian queen
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Current monarch