John VI of Castile and Leon

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Juan, VI de Castilla i León
Title: 26th Monarch of Castile and Leon, Frist Kingdom
 Term in office: 19101922
 Predecessor: King Leopoldo I
 Successor: Military junta
Title: 26th Monarch of Castile and Leon, Kingdom overseas
 Term in office: 19251939
 Successor: Queen María Luisa
 Date: 1872
 Place: Königsberg, Prussia
 Date: 1939
 Place: Cadiz la Nôva
Profession: military, lawyer
Political Party: N/A
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Juan was king of Castile and Leon after the death of his father Leopoldo I.

Deposed in 1922, when the Republic was established. The monarchist movement restored the Kingdom in the overseas territories in 1925, and Juan was crowned again.