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Imperium Monde is a series of alternative history books by the author Llewfelen Iewen. The primary point-of-divergence seems to be the Chinese Emperor Qianlong instigating a series of modernising reforms, making China comparable to any of the European Great Powers.


  • Rebirth of the Dragon (1996)
  • Fire and Steel (1998)
  • Call to Arms (2000)
  • The Cross and the Sun (2003)
  • From Sea to Sky (2005)
  • Bountiful Blackness (2007)

Book One - Rebirth of the Dragon

The first book of the series concentrates mostly on the various reforms made by the Emperor Qianlong, and their effect on Asia, as well as the insuing Sino-Russian rivalry.

Book Two - Fire and Steel

During the Industiral Revolution, China joins the imperialist spree, and instigates a greater colonial program. Towards the end, the book also shows the emergent power of Austria-Dalmatia, the HRE and Japan.

Book Three - Call to Arms

This book mostly deals with the events prior to First Great War, as well as the war istelf, in the first half, and the Chinese campaigns within it. The second part deals with the Sino-Japanese scramble to capitalise on the revolutions in Russia.

Book Four - The Cross and the Sun

This book begins with the events prior to the Second Great War, the goes on about the war itself, and finishes with the victory of China over Japan, who is a member of the Großartige Allianz, and subsequent occupation of the East-Asian Commonwealth.

Book Five - From Sea to Sky

The fifth book starts with the so-called Race for Space, which is hotly contested by the Euro-Commonwealth Alliance Pact (ECAP), the Russian-dominated CMAEC, and the Chinese-dominated Greater-East-Asian Co-Prosperity Zone (GEACoPZ). It finally concludes by reaching the present-day.

Book Six - Bountiful Blackness

The final book in the series deals with the future, mostly about the colonisation of the Solar System, and the various rivalries that ensue. The closing chapter ends in the year 2100.

Notable Countries

Chinese Empire

China itself is at its full size, prior to the Great Oriental War, as well as including both Tannu Tuva and the Russian/Japanese Manchuria.

Federated Kingdoms

The FK is composed of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland (in personal union), the High-Kingdom of Kemr and the Principality of Ireland (in personal union), as well as the Armorican Isles as an intergrated protectorate.

Holy Roman Empire and Allies

The HRE is composed of the HRE as it is *here* (with Prussia at its pre-GWI size), as well as Austria and Bohemia. It is currently ruled by the Austrian King Otto I.

Additionally, the Kingdoms of Hungary (which is at its pre-GWI size, and includes Austrian Galicia) and Dalmatia (inclusive of Serbia and the I.R.S.) are in personal union with Austria.




Apart from Manchuria, Russia is at its pre-GWI size, with the RTC (inc. Courland) in personal union with it, and it still has control over Alyaska, having regained it after the Japanese occupation.