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Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachenko (b. 1931) – The last leader of snorist Russia, and as such the last person who ever carried the title "supreme leader of the Russian people". At a relatively young age, he succeeded the old and feeble Vitali Zeleznev as chairman of the White Council in 1985, which de facto made him leader of the SNOR and Russia's acting head-of-state. He was a moderate reformer, whose policies were mostly directed at streamlining the state apparatus. However, as the developments that would later cause the Russian Empire to collapse got out of hand, he did little to stop them; not because he actually wanted them to happen, but merely because he was unable control them.

Since the fall of the SNOR, Gorbachenko has run in every presidential election in the Russian Federation, but never obtained more than 1 % of the votes. However, he is considered a powerful candidate for the presidency of his native Don Republic.

In 1993, Gorbachenko was the founder of the International Green Cross.


Preceded by:
Vitali Zeleznev
Supreme Leader of the Russian People
Succeeded by:
Grigori Lyopukhin