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Errol Redfern (born 1958) hails from Virginia, where he spent his early years selling advertising and teaching English before making his living as a writer of non-fiction (although in the opinion of many his works should be classified as "novels").

Redfern is a very successful writer, his books literally selling in the millions in the NAL, Louisianne as well as Europe. Currently he lives in New Amsterdam with his wife Sylvia, and their daughter Pamela.

All of Redfern's books purport to expose conspiracies behind news events. Most critics point out his evidence is vague at best, his arguments require huge leaps of faith and he often gets his facts wrong. More, he ignores or trivializes evidence that runs counter to his theories.

His books include:

  • Murdered For Blood about the 1988 murder of Louisianne filmmaker Jean Marnot. He blames the family of current Louisianne First President Young.
  • Secret Revolution about the death of NAL General Moderator Johnathan Gotlieb Penn which he puts down to a plot by his successor, Juanita Edith Baker-Stuart and the nascent National Intelligence Office.
  • The Order Royale about the death of Prince Madrad, younger brother of King Gereint XIII. According to this book, a cabal of nobles and government leaders have taken it upon themselves to watch over and preserve the "honor" of Kemr's royal dynasty. Rather than allow the prince's possible marriage to Gloria Dawson, Redfern claims this group arranged for her own murder and the destruction of the airship Gwenedd's Pride. He puts the assasination attempt on Gereint XIII at the door of the same group, and predicts dire consequences for the current King if he does not battle this secret group.

His next book, purported to be titled Toxic Avenues, is said to be about the Atlanta serial killings in the 1970s.