Bornei Filipinas War

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Wars of Ill Bethisad
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Name(s):Bornei Filipinas War
Start of hostilities:1982
End of hostilities:1983
Winning side:Losing side:
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Resulting treaty/treaties: (?)
Major consequences:phyrric Filipino 'victory'; governments of Bornei and Filipinas overthrown by popular revolts. The decline of both the CSDS and the Russian Empire was said to began at this point.

The Bornei Filipinas war was a war between the Communist Democratic Republic of Bornei and the SNORist State of Filipinas in 1982-83. It was said that had it gone worse, the Third Great War would have erupted, for Russia and the CSDS, both ideologically opposite powers, clashed with their vassals on a third soil, and have the League failed to stop them by ordering a ceasefire, the western powers could have intervened. Nevertheless, with half a million casualties, the war was deemed one of the worst in modern history.


The war started with the rise of Fernando Marcos, a general in the Filipino Army, who launched a coup in 1964, deposing the Panghulo of that time, Diosdado Macapagal, and took over the office himself. He was disillusioned with the failure of crushing the communist insurgency in Bornei, and worse, another general of the Filipino army suddenly sided with the communist rebels in Bornei and declared Bornei independent. Marcos first considered reconquering Bornei, but with a bad economy, he allows for its independence 'for now'.

Later, he clashed with his prime minister, Benigno Aquino, over how reforms are to be implemented. Aquino is more of a social democrat, Marcos later said that the SNORist rebellion in the 1950s have genuine grievances. He admitted that the dependence on the Western world is "strangling" the Filipinas.

Start of the War


Atomic Strike

End of the War