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Anglo-Norman French throve for a time in post-William the Conqueror England, but faded as a court language in that country by the end of the 14th century with the rise of the English dialects. It is well known that the Conqueror visited his armies on Kemr as well, and it is curiously in Kemr where the language brought by the Conqueror has survived best. Between the XIV and XVIJ centuries, Angli was reduced to a few communities in Kemr: notably an enclave in Esca, where trade with France was brisk and the curious Ile Franci where a number of Angli speaking fishermen had settled. There were also some regions along the border with England where After the XVIIJ century, the number of speakers dwindled to none. Only in the town and countryside in and around the Ile Franci can Angli still be heard.

Angli boasts a sizeable cultural heritage, mostly folk song and poetry. Angli has a Bible translation (1806) and a rumoured collection of Arthurian legendarium predating the French corpus.

Angli is also spoken extensively in Les Plaines in the NAL. Revival efforts and cultural exchange has been suggested between the isolated communities of Angli. [PB]