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A type of fiction gaining growing interest here in Ill Bethisad. Among the noteable novel series are the stories of Moxisei, a fictional world that speaks of a different Japan from our world, one in which Japan is bellicose and closely aligned with the HRE during the Second Great War. Also, Andrew Smith is an author speaking of a Britain without Kemr and the British line of Romance Languages due to a successful Saxon invasion.

This style is gaining credence in reader circles the world over. Some refer to it as If-Worlds. An upcoming novel series looks to focus on a divergent history of the North American League, wherein it separates from the Federated Kingdoms, has a rebellion over slavery and gradually works westward gaining control of the Continent. Many have scorned this scenario as implausible at best, hypernationalist at worst.

Others focus on the turning points of the First Great War and the results of a more severe punishment for the Holy Roman Empire, the development of a fascist national socialist party, and other points of divergence.

Authors of the genre include;