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Xríwizáj Canðra (1757-1828) was a Bán̊glá philologist, one of the first member of the Kongelige Danske Østindiske Selskab (Royal Danish East Indian Society), and the first professor of Sam̃skrytam in Frederiksnagore's Xryram͂pur University. At a young age, he attached himself to westerners and their scholarly pursuits.

In 1804, Xrívizáj Canðra and Þorður Jónsson frá Hvítá compiled a very famous and influential "Lexicon Sanscritum, Latinum, Danicum et Germanicum" which came to set the standard for the Transcription of Indian Writing Systems in the scholarly world, especially after Paul Thordersen Xwítáw edited a "Lexicon Sanscritum, Latinum, Anglicum, Britannicum et Gallicum" companion version, and a "Bengalsk-Rigsmaal og Rigsmaal-Bengalsk Ordbog" which used the system.

In 1818, the year the Xryram͂pur University was established in Frederiksnagore, Xríwizáj Canðra became its first professor of Sam̃skrytam. The professorship was awarded in recognition for a long and excellent service to an already mature scholar.