Xliponian Car Licence Plates

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Licence plates for Xliponian cars are white and bear a combination of two digits and three letters (A to Z, excluding Ç, easily confused with C). The first digit indicates the province according to the postal code:

Provincial Postal Codes
  • 0. Bovlai
  • 1. Ançec
  • 2. Atmar
  • 3. Monnalp
  • 4. Hastr
  • 5. Vont
  • 6. Lim
  • 7. Orflain
  • 8. Meirç
  • 9. Hostreht

The second digit and the letters identify the individual vehicle. They are written in boldface and blue colour, except for cars belonging to the State and public institutions, whose characters are red (and may bear additional identification).

Between the digits and the letters is the provincial coat of arms, except in the case of official vehicles, which show the Royal Badge - a griffin's head erased gules.

Licence plates from Bovlai, from Vont and for Fost Hoimçal Xliponia, the Xliponian Royal Mail, in Ançec
Oval sticker identifying Xliponian cars abroad