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The White Council was the most powerful body within snorist Russia. It was originally created in 1919 as a body of advisors to the czar, and was made up of the leaders of the White Army. After the foundation of the SNOR in 1923, the White Council became its highest body. It took care of all day-to-day decisions taken by the party, and was responsible for most appointments within and without the party. The White Council enjoyed much more power than the government, and the chairman of the White Council, carrying the title Supreme Leader of the Russian People was de facto head of the Russian state; after the death of Czar Aleksei the throne remained vacant and the chairman of the White Council acted as a regent.

Initially, the White Council consisted of five members, all generals of the White Army. Over the years it grew considerably, up to 25 members in the early 1950s. Originally, all members were generals, but in 1933 the first civilian made his entrance. From 1934 onwards, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has always been a member as well.

The White Council was disbanded along with the SNOR itself, in 1991.