Van Diemen's Land Party

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The Van Diemen's Land Party is a local fringe party from Van Diemen's Land formed in 2004 after Rob Newitt left the Ecotopic Party of Van Diemen's Land.

The party claims that Van Dieman's Land has not advanced nor has it recieved as much attention as mainland New South Cambria, is virtually ignored by the Kemrese monarchy, and has had its sovereignty eroded to the point where it no longer controls its forest, fisheries, mineral wealth and agriculture. It shares the same ecotopic platform as the Ecotopic Party. However, it differs from the Ecotopic Party in that it wants the island to secede from New South Cambria and become independent, with Crown Princess Marie Lisbeth of the Scandinavian Realm, who was born and raised a Van Diemenser, to be their sovereign. It claims that only through independence can Van Diemen's Land truly become ecotopic without interference from the mainland.

The party has so far failed to create much enthusiasm amongst the electorate although its official press release are routinely reported in the media much to the amusement of the population.