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Gwaell is a nickname used by Eric Johnson, a veteran contributor to the Ill Bethisad project. He is mostly concerned with the numbered road systems of America, but eventually will work on the railroads of Chicago and roads in Southeastern Europe.

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He has also contributed to the stories of American states like Oregon and South Florida, and he has revised and expanded the Oregonian Orthography. He proposes the addition of the Deseret alphabet to IB, and in the future hopes to design modern in-universe variations of the script to flesh it out.

He is also concerned with the preservation of all things IB, recovering old files from old websites using the WayBack Machine and putting them back on the wiki.

The name Gwaell is a calque of his middle name Dean in Brithenig, where Dean is taken to mean "valley", "valley" is reverted back to its root "vallis/vallês" in Latin, and then that is taken back forward in time through the Grand Master Plan that dictates the derivation of words in Brithenig. Of course, no such word exists in Brithenig, and the derivation itself is not exactly the expected reflex of Latin "vallis" or "vallês", so the name is essentially just made up. An alternative nickname (if "Gwaell" is too hard or distasteful to pronounce) is "Caello", in which the double-l is often pronounced as /j/.

He has a personal website located here.