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A t-shirt popular with Usattsy. It is produced by the nefarious Soyuz clothing store. It is worn here by Soyuz owner and one of the most nefarious usattsy national organiser, Yevgueni Andropov.

Usatets (pl: Usattsy) is a term used for young Russian ultra-nationalists inspired by a political current often refered to as "Neo-SNORism".

Usattsy are often blamed for violence committed against Communists and certain ethnic groups in Russia. Their name comes from the large moustaches (usik) sported by most of them in imitation of the SNORist Supreme Leader Vissarionov.

Most Usattsy are between 20 and 30 years of age, a fact considered significant by observers: that particular generation was old enough to remember first hand SNORist propaganda but too young to have been affected by the government's more nefarious actions.