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I'm not sure about the numbers. That's near *here*'s population, but would it be smaller *there*? Or maybe even bigger? I get the impression that Louisianne in general is smaller population-wise than the equivalent area *here*. On the other hand, being on the border would likely make it a major point of international trade, possibly encouraging even greater growth. Nik 22:12, 2 January 2006 (PST)

Renaming of Suburb

I've never been happy with Ouverlin, a transparent modification of the English name Overland (Park). There's a Lake Quivira in the area, and a street named Quivira. Looking up information on that name, I found that it's from a Spanish legend of a city named Quivira (see Wikipedia:Quivira and Cíbola). Thus, I suggest that, instead of just being the name of a lake, the name was applied *there* to a new town that grew into the equivalent of *here*'s OP Nik 22:39, 2 January 2006 (PST)