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Does this really even have enough info to be called a proposal? Nik 02:34, 17 Feb 2005 (PST)

Never mind, just added a little more info Nik 02:36, 17 Feb 2005 (PST)

New proposal

This new proposal certainly looks okay to me. But, unknown proposer, we certainly would appreciate it if you tell us who you are. Let me also suggest you to take a login name; with the current attack of spammers, it's all too easy for a moderator to accidentally block someone with honourable intentions. --IJzeren Jan 02:06, 26 November 2005 (PST)

Keep in mind that Cyprus is a dominion within the Commonwealth (therefore, a "democratic republic" is very unlikely). Head of state is Queen Diana. Cyprus *here* is interesting in that, constitutionally, the two chiefs of government -- *here*'s president and vice-president -- must be one each from Greek and Turkish extraction. There's also lots of local autonomy for the various Greek and Turkish townships. (Though I réally must say it would make for too many bloody presidents and too many bloody "democratic republics" *there*! -- especially with no USA to create the model!)
It might be interesting if Cyprus *there* had copresidents -- a sort of duumvirate, as well as the bicameral parliament (which should probably have some means of guarantying minority Turkish participation).
Otherwise, have no problem with the additional proposed material. Just change Paulos to Kemel and all will be well. ;) Will also need to change to title from president to something else more prime-ministery. Any good Turkish titles floating around that might do? [PB]

Political Sketch

Something complicated like Bosnia. Maybe a lord colonial governor acting as the UN-appointed high-commander. Leaders need new names: how about Sampson Karamanlis (Σαμψών Καραμανλής, descendant of Greeks who fled the Ottoman Empire) and Ömer Nişanyan (descendant of islamized Armenians, surname from the Armenian name Nšanyan [Նշանյան]). Armenian sub-leader has first name Murad also just to keep up the mixup.