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The monarchist slant could have resulted in or being caused by financial backing from the League of Noble Emigrees.

Another thing to consider is the absence of german occupation (and collaboration). *There* they might have survived the war unscated and becomes an ultra-nationalist group in Francie (sort of the equivalent *there* of LePen's Front National).


Good suggestions. I was actually thinking of tying in loosely with New Francie, and the LoNE seems to be a good idea. Thanks Marc. Any other suggestions, sent them my way. :)


officaly, the NF government would not directly implicate itself with a political party on foreign soil for obvious diplomatic reasons.

Unofficialy (and this is part of the "shadow history" of NF), the intendant would see a group such as this as a threat. He knows that a restoration would weaken his position of authority in NF and might eventualy lead to his or his descendants' dismissal (he is technicaly only a civil servant, not a monarch). It is through a carefull balancing act between the 3 class on the Intandancy that he as maintained his power.

However, it would be a different story in Louisiana where the instoration of a pro-monarchist government might send it toward an potential union of the 2 countries. So basicaly, NF would give some covert aids to LA's version of the action française but not the french one while the LoNE would sent covert and overt encouragement to both groups. The LoNE might even have a representative of LA to the Bourbon-Anjou permanent deputation always taken from the action française. (Marc Pasquin)

I'll have to incorporate this. Thanks, Marc. :) So what you're saying is the Intendent is like Lord Vetinari?

No. At least not as far as having a scorpion pit or an issue with mimes. --Marc Pasquin 05:56, 15 Feb 2005 (PST)