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The 1828 War between Louisianne and the NAL/SLC.

It has been Decided that Louisianne should extend down to New Orleans as it did as a French colony. But I don't like throwing out old ideas (in this case, the NAL having control of N.Orl.), so I'd like to make this proposal.

In the middle 1820s, France (who still controlled Louisianne) and the NAL got into a tiff over the Mobile region (what is now the Province of Mobile, and perhaps east into Cherokee and Jacobia, the last two already being Provinces at the time). Perhaps Napoleon was flexing some unused North American muscle, and felt the need to pad the lower Mississippi a little?

By 1828, the tiff had grown into a much debated war (what will be the NAL's first) and led to the occupation of New Orleans and all former Louisianne Territory north and east of the Mizouri. This land was not returned. There will be no Province of Louisiana, as it wasn't an NAL war of conquest, but a military district is created there to handle the city and the river traffic.

1830 is given as the independence year for Louisianne; and the NAL, who has no argument with a conciliatory new Republic, returns the occupied territory and may be given navigational and trade considerations.

The War, and the cutting off of Louisianne from France helps establish its de facto independence; and it helps explain some residual bitterness when the Mormons go tramping through a decade later.

It will also help to formulate military policy in a confederation like the NAL. It might be better to sort out how a gangly country like the NAL can wage war early on, rather than wait until 1898 or 1914.

The treaty concluding peace between the two belligerants stipulated that Nouvelle Orléans be deemed a free port and that the Mississippi River be deemed international waters.