Sikh Razj Samdh

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Sikh Rázj Sam̃ðh
Sikh Confederacy
Conventional short name:
Local: Pam̃záb
English: Punjab
State flag of Sikh Razj Samdh
 Official: Panjabi
 Others: Hindi
 Capital: Amritsar
 Largest: Lahore
 Other: Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Gujaranavala, Faizalabad, Multan, Amritsar
Population: 99 Million Punjabis
Independence: from Panjabi Empire
 Date: 3 November, 1850
Currency: Panjab rupee
Organizations: League of Nations


The main PoD for the Sikh Confederacy comes in the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, because the British did not expand their empire to here. His descendants continued to be maharajas until the time of Duleep Singh. The Punjab was an independent state and since he had not married, he proceeded, long before his death, to lead a life of celibacy and to set up a republic to succeed his rule, thus founding the Sikh Confederacy (Punjab).

The Sikh Confederacy is the homeland of the Sikh people and thus a Sikh republic. It is fairly flat with mountains to the east and west.


Disputed area to the west, Kashmir to the east, the Moghul National Realm to the north, Bhavalpur and Sind to the southwest, and Razputhana to the southeast.