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"Sart" is a Turkestani term denoting a member of the settled Turkic peoples, in particular those of Turkestan and Uyguristan. In Turkestan, "Sart" is one of the three major classificational groups of the nation: sart, nomad, and tajik.

The word originally meant any Turk who lived a sedentary, non-nomadic lifestyle, regardless of their ethnicity. However, the word has undergone a shift of meaning, and in modern Turkestan it refers to any member of the ethnic groups that were traditionally sedentary. Sart peoples of Turkestan are the Üzbeks, Qaraqalpaqs and Uygurs. Nomadic peoples are the Qazaqs, Kırğız and Turcomans.

The tripartite division of sart/tajik/nomad is still the cause of much rivalry and humour in Central Asia.