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Rodrigo Roa Duterte (1945-) is the current Prime Minister of Bornei-Filipinas, succeeding Jesus Binay since June 20, 2016 due to an election that hounded the previous Prime Minister due to allegations of corruption. Duterte was the former Alcalde of Ciudad de Davao, President of the Government of Maguindanao, and later a representative of the Asemblea Nacional for Davao province. He later became the leader of the nationalist People's Democratic Party, which ousted Binay in the June 15 elections of 2016. He openly campaigns for the full republicanization of Bornei-Filipinas.

Duterte was openly known for his Snorist past and once served as the Interior Minister for the breakaway Snorist state and now Rajjao of Tendaya in 1984-1985. He was later given amnesty by the new Bornei-Filipinas government and was later appointed as Alcalde of Davao. He was known to rule Davao with brutal efficiency and was alleged to hire former SNORist army soldiers as vigilantes and security personnel. While this method earned him praise, it also earned him criticism from human rights groups due to the number of suspects being "disposed" and the very high possibility that many of the suspects killed were completely innocent.

His foreign policy is to reduce dependency from the alliance with the western countries and be more close to the nations of the Chinese League and Russia.

He is also known to be politically incorrect in public speaking, notably once comparing himself to infamous SNORist dictator Iosif Vissarionov.