Rocket Fuels

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German rocket scientists have given rocket propellants cryptic names, which are widely used today by all rocket scientists. These can be categorized into fuels, oxydizers, or monopropellants.

  • Fuels:
    • E-Stoff: Ethanol
    • H-Stoff: Liquid Hydrogen
    • M-Stoff: Methanol
    • R-Stoff: 57% Monoxylidene oxide, 43% Triethylamine
    • Br-Stoff: not refined oil, benzine
    • N-Stoff: Nitrogen Tetroxide
  • Oxydisers and catalysts:
    • A-Stoff: Liquid oxygen
    • B-Stoff: Hydrazine hydrate; catalyst for T+M mixture, also used as an oxidizer/catalyst with N-Stoff
    • C-Stoff: 57% Methanol, 30% Hydrazine hydrate, 13% water (by weight), catalyst: K3Cu(CN)4
    • S-Stoff: 90-97% Nitric acid and 3-10% Sulphuric acid
    • T-Stoff: 80% Hydrogen peroxide, 20% water (by weight); stabilisers: Phosphoric acid, Sodium phosphate, 8-Oxyquinoline
    • Z-Stoff: Calcium (or potassium) permanganate
  • Monopropellants:
    • K-Stoff: Methylchloroformate, a solid propellant