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Richard Milhouse Nixon (1913-1994) was a used-car salesman in Los Angeles, Alta California. He was well-known in the Los Angeles area for his oft-repeated claims of honest pricing, most famously in his catch-phrase "I am not a crook".

He is survived by his wife Patricia, two daughters, Julietta and Tricia and one son, Franklin. Franklin got into some trouble during the recent War against Tejas due to his religious beliefs (Quaker). He is now a spokesman for OLR (Organización para Libertad Religiosa) in AC, trying to initiate an ammendment to the AC constitution that would guarantee the right to worship in accordance with one's own convictions and that no one would be forced or coerced to act in a way that would go against one's religious convictions.

His contribution would have been remembered better if it were not for an incident where a car he sold suddenly lost its brake, making it crash through the gate of the local water recycling plant and his following attempt to cover it up. The so called "water's gate" affair haunted him to his dying days....

The daughters do not lead public lives. Julietta is a mother of three and author of a popular series of children's books: "Adventuras de Kiki!". Patricia is a psychiatrist, now living in Montrei.

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