Rhoberth II

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Rhoberth II did not expect to become King. His father was the youngest of six children, and he himself was a younger son. Yet according to Salic Law, he was Iewan IV's heir.

His nickname was "The Black Giant," which was easy to explain. His full hair and beard were very black, while he reached six feet tall at age sixteen. By the time he was twenty five, he was six foot four inches and built like a barrel. He liked the nickname and used it as the basis for a personal badge/banner prior Gereint XI's death.

Rhoberth's personal banner

Everything about Rhoberth was huge. His appetite was legendary, as was his energy. He enjoyed playing the bagpipes and a good wrestle. Not surprisingly he was an excellent horseman. Up until old age retained much of his vigor, getting his first toothache at age 75. Loud, boisterous and fun-loving, people either loved him or hated him. Sometimes both. He could also be stubborn beyond words. When he met the Queen of England's daughter Charlotte (who was his cousin) he insisted he'd have no one else for a Queen. He kept to that, even after she married someone else, and when widowed at age fifty she found herself with a returning royal suitor. She did agree to marry him after another five years pursuit. By all accounts their seven years together were very happy. When she died, those around King Rhoberth claimed it was as if he suddenly began to age. Less than two years later he himself was dead, having lost nearly fifty pounds and gone from a few gray streaks to nearly all white.

Rhoberth carefully trained his own Heir, a cousin, insuring he received a proper education. The lad was much more timid than Rhoberth, but they got along well. Well Rhoberth finally died, the new King was seen to weep.

He wasn't alone.

Preceded by:
Iewan IV
ill Terruin of Kemr
Succeeded by:
Gereint XII