Republic of Egypt

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Republic of Egypt
Conventional short name:
Local: Mesr
English: Republic of Egypt, Republic of Mesr
Flag of Republic of Egypt
 Official: Arabic
 Others: Nubian
 Capital: Cairo (de jure), Luxor (de facto)
 Largest: El Minya
State Leader: Suleiman Muhammad
Independence: from Kingdom of Egypt
 Declared: December 15th of 1944
 Recognized: Never
Ceased to exist: April 15th of 1946
Currency: Ethiopian
Organizations: African Alliance

Republic of Egypt was a puppet state of Ethiopia established in the occupied territories of Egypt (that were captured during the Ethiopian-Egyptian War (part of the Ethiopian Liberation War)) in the December 15th of 1944. It was decided to create the Republic of Egypt after the neogotiations for peace with Egypt failed. As Ethiopia had been accused of desecrating Islamic shrines and otherwise disrespecting Islam in the occupied areas previously, the government of Ethiopia attempted to appease the Islamic leadership of the Egypt in order to make a more stable government. Mullah Suleiman Muhammad was given power, while the symbolics (flag, emblem) of the new state included Islamic symbols. As the state of war still existed with the Kingdom of Egypt (whch did not recognise Republic of Egypt) throughout the existance of the Republic, the army of the Republic itself wouldn't have been enough to protect the territory, thus many Ethiopian forces were still kept in the area, although muslim Somali soldiers changed the Christian Ethiopian soldiers for the most (by March of 1945 88% of troops in the area of the Republic were muslims). Such support of the Islam was not popular among some Ethiopians. Throughout the start of 1945, some more territories of Ethiopia, mainly in Nubia (that was claimed by Egypt throughout the interwar period) and former Upper Nigervolta, were ceded to the Republic of Egypt. The Nile Valley Condominium, area to be jointly ruled by the Republic and Ethiopia, was established in the Nile valley immidietly to the south of the Republic and some desert areas. Republic of Egypt officially claimed whole Egypt as its own territory, but the northern part of Egypt was strongly in the hands of the Kingdom of Egypt; the northern frontline did not change until the Allied invasion of Ethiopia in 1946. In May of 1945, Republic of Egypt was one of the founding members of the African Alliance. In the March 1946 the invasion of allied troops had started from the north and the front was pushed back. Some soldiers of the Republic of Egypt supported the Allied powers when the war came and so did many civilians who had deposed the rule of Republic of Egypt in many towns and villages before the Allied armies came; therefore, as well given the heavy airship bombings, whole area was overtaken quickly. By April 15th whole area of the Republic was captured.

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