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Cwenland or Quenland is a pre-historic region in northern Scandinavia where the Finnish people of Cwens lived. The region is often identified as the coast of Gulf of Bothnia. In general, Cwenland would probably mean northern Scandinavia exclusive of the Sami-inhabitat regions.

Sagas told about the kings of Cwens. Egils saga tells about Nór, founder of Norway, and his ancestors who lived in Cwenland.

One of the few sources about Cwenland is Norse sagas and an Account of the Viking Othere. Cwenland has also been associated with Pohjola (Ostrobothnia) in the Finnish traditional folklore. Various theories concerning the name's origin have been put forward. Some schools argue that it is identical to the Finnish region of Kainuu; others that it comes from an older name for the Gulf of Bothnia. C.p. Cwen.