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Prince Ewein (1354-1410) or Ewein ill Toisag, nationalist hero of Kemr. Nobly born he had access to the highest courts of the land, including the Curth Rhuyal. He inherited the title of Lord of Glen Dûr at an early age and pursued an education at the best schools of the time, graduating from the University of Glastein. As a lord he proved to be a great patron of Berddim, the Comroig tradition of music and poetry, for which he was later celebrated by the playwright Gwilim Trammelpila.

He was a competent warleader who could inspire his followers and rose to become one of the most powerful lords in Kemr. In 1401 he and the Dumnonian leader Julius Broglios lead a series of raids across the Ffens and into England. A consequence of this action was to leave the marchlands of both countries a bloody wasteland for a generation to come. The only sanctuaries were the heavy fortifications that both kingdoms built. Several times during this period the key fortresses at Aberddui and Glew, that ensured the independence of Kemr, came close to be taken.

He negotiated with English lords in rebellion with their king to ensure the security of Kemr. In 1406 he assembled a Senate of lords and commoners from every centref in Kemr. It sought to codify the common law that legislates in Kemr and to uphold the hegemony of the Cambriese Rite and organisation in Kemr against Latin Rite reforms that were creeping in from England. It is remembered as Senad Ewein ill Toisag, or 'Prince Eugene's Senate', and is considered the founding act of parliamentary government in Kemr.

Eventually the ruling prince of Kemr, Prince Costenhin XI became concerned with the power that Prince Ewein gathered around him. Costenhin XI was jealous of his rival and feared his influence. It was a matter of time before Prince Ewein's popular support began to wane. In 1410 men loyal to Costenhin captured Ewein and imprisoned him. Costenhin quickly ordered his execution. His death was widely and fondly lamented and his reputation passed into legend.

Only the Emperor Arthur has more memorials around Kemr than Prince Ewein. There may be more statues to the Prince, but the Emperor leads on natural landmarks. The most famous statue being in the centre of Castreleon. When the ruling princes of Kemr assumed the title of king after the fall of Constantinople the title of Toisag was given as the title of the First Minister of the king in the Senate. In modern times Ewein ill Toisag has been adopted as the examplar and legendary patron of the Nationalist Movement in Kemr.