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The Penouigonead, a History of the Most Serene Empire is a youth fantasy book by Sarra Jowanes, published in 2004. It tells about fictional Penguin empire in Antarctica, "Most Serene Empire of Penouigonea".

Most Serene Empire of Penouigonea

The Most Serene Empire of Penouigonea, pop. 61,432,000 is presently reigned over by Hè-'è-'è-êêhi XCVIIJ of the Hè-'è-îîhe Dynasty of Adalie Penguins. Her reign has been praised by her numerous and varied subjects as one of numerous fishes squid and krill, plentiful ice margins and a reduction in the predations of Heh-ìì-ìì, the dreaded Orca. She is often referred to as Hè-hî-hî, or "the Great".

"Her Majesty, Empress Hè-'è-'è-êêhi of the Most Serene Empire of Penouigonea"

Admiral Merion of the Atlantean Empire was the first to map the region, at the behest of Emperor Poseidon; a copy of this map, drawn by 14th century Ottoman explorer Admiral Reis was discovered by two Kemrese soldiers in the aftermath of the Greek invasion of Constantinople, and was thereafter taken to Castreleon for further study. Scholars long thought it a spoof, but Her Majesty Hè-'è-'è-êêhi confirmed in a rare interview in 2004 that "very tall Penguins, not unlike yourselves who could remove your plumage, came up from the torrid zones of the Northern Waters, when our land was warm and our empire was reduced to the icy interior and a few regions of ice at the margins of the water, and having secured a blessing from RRêê-hí-e-hí, the emperor at that time, swam into the airs above the world and made to draw pictures of our empire the like of which no Penguin of the South had ever seen."

There are seventeen races of Penguin that inhabit the Empire: Eh-'ij-jè (Adelie), I-hî-íjí (African), 'a'a-eèh (Chinstrap), e-ehájèè (Emperor), 'e'i-'e'i (Erect Crested), hají-ê (Fairy), hêê-'e'i (Fjordland Crested), 'e-êêê-êêê-hí (Galapagos), hèê-hèê (Gentoo), hê'è'í'è'í (Humboldt), 'i'i-ehájèè (King), rr-'e'éje-hî-hî (Macaroni), rr-êhe-êhe (Magellanic), a-íhi-íhi-'è'èê (Rockhopper), heeh-heeh-íjí (Royal), 'i'a-'i'a (Snares Island), 'êê-'êê-îîjîî (Yellow Eyed).

"Map of the allerchiefmost cities of Penguins of the Most Serene Empire of Penouigonea"

Contrary to the usual image of Penguins as boorish buffoons, fropping and flapping about the ice; the gentle and curious inhabitants of Penouigonea are intelligent and refined citizens of an empire that has spanned some tens of thousands of years.